company history

  • In 2002, we founded our company and started with only one employee in the workshop, because our main task should be the sale of used cars. But our foundation seat was soon too small, and it had to be hired two additional sales locations.
  • In 2010, the current company building, and the associated site was bought and completely rebuilt for our needs. In October 2010 was then the new opening in our new building, which many loyal customers and interested car fans celebrated with us.

Our company’s success also made personnel noticeable, with our 14 full-time employees and 7 temporary workers, we have at all times an energetic service in order to provide for matters relating to your car, professional help can. Since our opening in 2002, approximately 8,000 vehicles of different categories and from different manufacturers have been sold, as well as passenger vehicles and trucks. Our customers not only the supply and consulting in sales estimate, but also enjoy our professional service when it comes to permits and customs clearance. Even when it comes to the workshop performance our clients know their vehicle in the best hands. One reason is the high-tech equipment, which always presents itself at the cutting edge of technology. So recently a 3D wheel alignment (Hawk Eye) was purchased. We are also proud of one of the best diagnostic equipment in the automotive sector. Our workshop team is constantly trained in this respect and is always up to date. In the area of ??vehicle preparation for our customers is also a competent team. We offer our customers for your car, among other paint treatment, leather care and interior cleaning. As an extra Serivceleistung during the workshop visit, we provide you with a free course Leifahrzeug available. Please contact us for an estimate in terms of customer service, accident repair and much more. Ye dream car not on our place, please contact us; We will definitely find a solution for you. The whole team the car market Donauwörth would be pleased to welcome you as a customer.